Kids Activities

Looking for activities for your kids to get them away from the TV? I’ve got you covered! I have searched to the end of the internet, and have fun tested all posted activities!

4 Waterbead Activities

Waterbeads are my new go to activity! The small ones are ready to play with in 4-6 hours, and the large take 24-36 hours. Watching them grow is definitely interesting. Especially the large ones, they go through multiple stages before they hit their full size. . They are really satisfying to play with, nontoxic, biodegradable,Continue reading “4 Waterbead Activities”

Baking Soda Clay

Did you know that you can make a “clay” out of baking soda and water?! This is great for babies first science experiment AND a great science activity for older kids. Even as an adult I love the bubbling of a baking soda volcano, why not turn that into a little bubbling egg with aContinue reading “Baking Soda Clay”

DIY Cardboard Puzzles

Asher has become a puzzle maniac! So I am always looking for a way to keep his little puzzle brain moving. This project was definitely an effort, but the results were great and it’s an activity we can keep doing over and over. I will probably throw them into a bag and keep them withContinue reading “DIY Cardboard Puzzles”

Color Matching Game

I am always looking for ways to talk about colors with Asher. I created this color board a couple months ago without the shapes traced onto it, but Asher wasn’t picking up the concept of matching the colors. Recently Asher has become really interested in puzzles, so I thought making this a puzzle activity mightContinue reading “Color Matching Game”

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