10/31 Meal Plan

Happy Halloween! Halloween is much more fun with a toddler around. This week we went to a pumpkin patch which also had a little haunted forest. It was so funny to see Asher walk through it and get spooked when something moved. He really was so brave, and walked through the whole thing. He did need to hold mom’s hand every now and then. Costume is going to be completely ridiculous, so keep an eye out for that on Instagram later on today.

A quick recap on how this meal plan works. There will be 1 meal prepped lunch for grown ups, 3 dinners with leftovers every other night. One of the dinners will be vegetarian/ vegan. This is a tiny step we are taking to try and lower our impact on the planet.

What’s on the menu…….

  1. Sonoma Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps (lunch)
  2. Paleo One-Pot Beef and Vegetable Stew
  3. Pesto Pasta
  4. Paleo Orange Chicken
  5. Best Ever Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Sonoma Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

6-8 Lunches


You have probably had a chicken salad like this before in a croissant at a baby shower or wedding. It is a little sweet and has different crunchy elements. The recipe above is just for the salad, so serve it however you like! We are trying to watch the carbs so I served it as a lettuce wrap witch is delicious, but a little messy. We have also had this salad as a wrap.

Paleo One-Pot Beef and Vegetable Stew

4 adult meals, 2 toddler meals https://myfreshperspective.com/paleo-one-pot-beef-and-vegetable-stew/

I love this stew! It comes together so easily and the flavor is so rich. The original recipe has potatoes in it, but forgot to buy them. So I just added extra carrots. This would be really good with some artisan bread. Fall definitely calls for soups and stews, so this is the perfect way to get it started!

Pesto Pasta

4 adult meals, 2 toddler meals https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/paleo-pesto-baked-chicken-whole30/

At the end of summer when my basil plant was out of control I made a ton of pesto and froze it. This made for a super easy dinner! I used the pesto recipe above, which also includes a baked chicken which is great! This made for a super easy dinner! This week I wanted to try a different veggie based pasta, and chose an edamame pasta. It was good but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the lentil pasta. The nice thing about using a bean based pasta is that you get a full serving of protein in the pasta! So it is really great vegetarian option.

Paleo Orange Chicken

4 adult meals, 2 toddler meals https://www.foodfaithfitness.com/paleo-orange-chicken/

I love the flavor of this orange chicken. The sauce is slightly sticky like you want to be, and is nice and bright. The chicken has a nice light crisp to it without the heavy breading you’d get with takeout. I serve this with roasted cauliflower, and intended to have broccoli but apparently forgot that too. Luckily I had a zucchini laying around. I cut into thin quarters and quickly pan fried it. I loved this meal!

Best Ever Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


We always roast the seeds after we carve pumpkins but they usually are ok, but not great. These pumpkin seeds are great! I used to just clean them, season them, and throw them in the oven. This recipe has an extra step where you boil them in salt water first. Do the extra step! It is totally worth it. Season them however you like, plain salt and pepper is always good. I did a mix of salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, and a BBQ chipotle mix. We seriously at 3 pumpkins worth in a day.

I hope you enjoy this weeks meals, and also have a lovely Halloween! If you try them out I’d love to hear from you. Please like, share, and enjoy!

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