9/26 Meal Plan

Hello! It has been a couple weeks since I last posted anything. Life has been so busy I haven’t had the chance to post anything! I also have to admit I had some failures in some of the meals I planned 👎. I only want to share the yummy stuff so I’ll spare you the failures. All that being said this week will have a few extras! It is peach season!!!!! Always a very exciting time of year for me. As a kid I remember going peach hunting at the farmers market with my mom. Trying all the peaches at the different stands, picking the best ones and making peach cobbler. Then I just so happened to marry a man who grew up in the peach capitol of Utah. Every year they have a big festival called Peach Days that we always went to with his mom before she passed. Long story short… peach season is very special. So I will be sharing a couple things I did with my peach haul this year.

A quick recap on how this meal plan works. There will be 1 meal prepped lunch for grown ups, 3 dinners with leftovers every other night. One of the dinners will be vegetarian/ vegan. This is a tiny step we are taking to try and lower our impact on the planet.

What’s on the menu…….

  1. Chopped Chickpea Salad
  2. Lamb Barbacoa
  3. BBQ Chickpea Burger
  4. One-Skillet Creamy Garlic Red Pepper Chicken
  5. Peach Cobbler
  6. Frozen Peaches

Shopping list……

Bellow you will find a complete shopping list for everything on the menu. I have separated everything by recipe, so there are a few duplicates of pantry staples.

Chopped Chickpea Salad

8 Salads https://sweetpeasandsaffron.com/meal-prep-chopped-chickpea-salad/

This recipe is light, and has a great vinegary dressing. The recipe has a little toggle so you can make it make as many or as little as you want. I added everything except the radishes because I don’t like them. Really enjoyed this lunch!

Lamb Barbacoa

4 adult meals, 2 toddler meals https://pinchandswirl.com/lamb-barbacoa/#recipe

We just got in our next shipment of lamb from Kyle’s family farm, so of course I had to make something! This dish was easy to throw into the crockpot and was SUPER delicious. If you are going to make this I recommend making it on a day you are not going to be home. Around hour 3 of cooking it filled my house with the most delicious smell that I had to continue smelling for another 2 hours! So basically it was delicious torture. I served it with cauliflower rice, black beans, and my moms secret homemade salsa.

BBQ Chickpea Burgers

8 adult meals, 4 toddler meals https://vanillaandbean.com/bbq-chickpea-veggie-burgers/

The ingredients for these burgers are so interesting. It seemed so random and I really wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out, but they were great! This recipe also made enough for two dinners for us so I froze half for later. I formed Asher’s into little nuggets so they were easier for him to dip. Per usual I served them minus the buns, but if you go look at the recipe, they loaded theirs up with onion rings and all kinds of goodies. I served them with sweet potato fries and a packaged salad/peas.

One-Skillet Creamy Garlic Red Pepper Chicken

4 adult meals, 2 toddler meals https://www.servingdumplings.com/recipes/creamy-garlic-red-pepper-chicken/

tally worth doing because it was so juicy. Also who doesn’t love pan fried pancetta?! It is fancy bacon and it is delicious. In Utah you can’t buy wine at the grocery store so I substituted it for chicken broth and apple cider vinegar. I filled the chicken stock almost to the top of the 1/2 cup mark, and then topped it off with apple cider vinegar. Worked great. Asher was hangry so I served his meal right away and didn’t catch a photo. I served this yummy mix over wild rice.

Freezing Peaches!!

Peaches are sweet, tangy and so versatile, the only downside is that they go from ripe to rotten overnight. Every year we buy half a bushel so we need to get through them quickly! Of course I use as many as I can fresh, but I like to freeze them too so I can make a peachy dessert in January. There are a couple different ways to freeze them. A popular way is to mix it in with all the “pie” filling ingredients so you just thaw and bake. I prefer to freeze them plain.

How to freeze peaches:

  1. Put the peaches in boiling water for 1-2 minutes them immediately into ice water. This will make the skins easy to remove.
  2. Slice them however you like, then put the slices into a mixture of 4 cups of water and 2 TBSP lemon juice for a couple minutes. This will stop them from discoloring.
  3. Next lay them out on parchment paper and freeze.
  4. Once frozen move into a ziplock and store until you are ready to use them.

Peach Cobbler


I LOVE peach cobbler. I personally prefer a drop biscuit style cobbler over the cake cobbler. I like this recipe because you get biscuit over the entire thing. I also made it in a 9 X 9 pan so we didn’t have cobbler for weeks. As you can see I got a little crazy with the cinnamon on top. I’m sure you would have a bit more finesse than I did😅

After a few weeks off I hope these recipes bring you some tasty meals. I know we enjoyed them If you give these a try I’d love to hear from you. Please like, share, and enjoy!

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