8/22 Meal Plan

I’m back! It has been crazy couple of weeks. We got approval to move into our new house!!! So the last couple weeks we have been packing, moving and unpacking. We are all adjusting and I’ll do a full post about the house later on. There is still a lot that needs to be done before it is ready to share with the world. I have been enjoying cooking in my sparkly new kitchen, and am excited to share what we had this week. I am still working on my food photography. I feel like I’ve gotten into a rhythm but our new countertops are so pretty I decided to try using them as the background. You’ll have to leave a comment bellow letting me know what you prefer… wooden background or the countertops.

A quick recap on how this meal plan works. There will be 1 meal prepped lunch for grown ups, 3 dinners with leftovers every other night. At least one of the dinners will be vegetarian/ vegan. This is a tiny step we are taking to try and lower our impact on the planet.

What’s on the menu…..

  1. California roasted sweet potato kale salad (lunch)
  2. Cauliflower rice burrito bowl
  3. Sloppy joe stuffed sweet potato
  4. Tuscan white bean skillet

Shopping list……

Bellow you will find a complete shopping list for everything on the menu. I have separated everything by recipe, so there are a few duplicates of pantry staples.

California Roasted Sweet Potato Kale Salad

6 lunches https://www.ambitiouskitchen.com/sweet-potato-kale-salad/

My photo of this salad does not even come close to the pictures from the original blog. Theirs looks SO beautiful. That being said it was tasty. The great thing about kale is that you can dress it and it doesn’t get soggy. I think the longer it sits in the dressing the yummier it is! I doubled the dressing recipe because we like it saucy. The recipe above only makes 6 lunches, so keep that in mind when planning your groceries.

Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowls

4 adult meals, 2 toddler meals https://wholesimpleeats.com/healthy-cauliflower-rice-burrito-bowl/#tasty-recipes-1756-jump-target

You may have noticed that I love Mexican food. We often have some sort of burrito inspired bowl. This one was quick and easy took around 30 minutes to put together. I loved the roasted potatoes, they made it almost like a breakfast burrito. If you wanted a little extra protein and egg would be great in this. They have you use a packaged cauliflower rice. I just made my own because it is easy to quickly pulse cauliflower in your blender. When I eat avocado I always offer some to Asher. Sometimes he eats it sometimes he doesn’t. He’s most likely to eat it if it’s in slices rather than diced. This week he was in to it.

Sloppy Joe Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

4 adult meals, 2 toddler meals https://thefrizzledleek.com/sloppy-joe-stuffed-sweet-potato/#tasty-recipes-1191-jump-target

This was another quick and easy one! The sweet potatoes take about an hour to cook but the hands on time for this really is only about 20 minutes. I made mine a bit more colorful than the original recipe by adding peas and some shredded kale. I also used a sugar free BBQ sauce, but pick whatever is your fave! Super easy, super yummy.

Tuscan White Bean Skillet

4 adult meals, 2 toddler meals https://www.nourish-and-fete.com/tuscan-white-bean-skillet/

Didn’t quite capture a new picture of this one. Luckily we’ve had this one before! This meal comes together in 20 minutes or less. I love this meal because it is mostly canned items you just dump in. I definitely recommend serving with some artisan bread to round it out.

I think the unintentional theme this week was quick and easy. I clearly have just been trying to survive with all this change! If you are just trying to survive this week, this meal plan is for you. Make sure to leave me a comment bellow about what kind of photo background you prefer! I’d love to hear from you. Please like, share, and enjoy!

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