7 Activities for the Truck/Car Enthusiast

Asher is a HUGE fan of trucks and cars. We live on a busy road and he loves to sit in the window and watch all the cars go by. He also is super excited about construction equipment. We had an excavator and dump truck come to our house to fix the road this week, he literally ate lunch in the window so he could watch them! I try to incorporate vehicles into our activities all the time. Here are 7 activities for the truck and car enthusiast!

Dirt Container + Trucks

This is the first of a two part activity, I’ll post the second part bellow. This one is so simple, and yes a bit messy. There’s just about nothing Asher enjoys more than playing in the dirt! Just add a few trucks and you have long lived entertainment. I had some extra dirt from filling our raised garden beds, so I just filled this plastic tub with it. You could definitely do this right in the garden though. The advantage to the tub is that when the activity is over, you simply pick it up and stop more mess from occurring after you are finished.

Muddy Truck Wash

The second part of this activity is a muddy truck wash. To start I just added water to one side of the tub and let asher drive his trucks all around getting them all muddy. After he got them nice and dirty I got him a bucket of soapy water (which he immediately dumped into the dirt box, so I then got him a second bucket😂) Then I showed him how to wash his trucks and got him a little scrubby. We then rinsed them off in some clean water and set them out to dry. He LOVED this activity and has asked to do it again.

Create a Car Ramp

This is a super easy activity to set up, and is always a hit. Asher loves to drive his cars down his slide, but you could easily make a ramp off the couch with some cardboard or drive them down a hill. Simple but effective.

Truck Sidewalk Paint

This is a fun and creative activity, also great for talking about colors. To make the sidewalk paint, you mix almost an even mixture of cornstarch and water, and a few drops of food coloring. You probably want to add a slightly more water so it isn’t to thick, but you want it to be thick enough that it sticks to the wheels. It will just wash away with the rain or a hose. I also brought out a couple other things to paint with, like paint brushes and pom-pom’s. Be warned this could stain your cement! The blue left a slight stain on mine, but I know eventually it will fade.

No Mess Car Squish Painting

To do this you add a paper and some paint inside a ziplock bag. Squeeze all the air out and tape it to the floor, really sealing it. Then you let your child drive their cars over it spreading the paint all around. Asher was feeling grumpy when we did this so he wasn’t willing to participate with the trucks. Which is fine! This is a good example of expectations vs. reality. He did enjoy squishing it with his hands. When you are done you can pull the paper out and let it dry. It might get a little wrinkly. You could also do this with a small canvas.

Car Rescue

This is so quick and easy to set up! You just tape down the cars and let your child have at it! I like to do it on this cutting mat because it is easy to make it up on the table and then put it on the floor when we are ready. You could also just tape right to the floor, table, or high chair. This is really great fine motor skill practice.

Bubble Trucks

This bubble foam is fun on it’s own….but by adding trucks it makes the color blending just WOW!


  • 1/4 cup tear free baby soap/ bubble bath
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 TBSP flour*
  • Food coloring


  • large mixing bowl
  • hand mixer/ kitchen aid with whisk attachment

To make the bubble foam combine all the ingredients and mix until a thick foam has been created. Repeat for different colors.

I hope these activities will bring some excitement to your vehicle fanatic! I’d love to hear from you if you try them out. Please, like, share, and enjoy!

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