Snack Pack

This week I ordered a produce basket and had lots of food to process. The trick to getting produce boxes like this is to get creative so no food goes to waste. I often turn extra fruits and veggies into snacks. Here is what is in our snack pack for the week!

Healthy Apple Oatmeal Cookies

These apple cookies were so easy, and are totally guilt free. The recipe only makes 9 cookies so I doubled it because I had A LOT of apples to go through. They are soft and a little chewy. Right after they’d cooled out of the oven were also slightly crisp on the bottom. Asher has really enjoyed these, he’s so excited to get a cookie. šŸ˜‚

Roasted Pineapple Salsa

I have made this salsa a few times because there are often pineapples in my produce baskets. One time I got TWO!!! This recipe calls for 4 jalapeƱos AND 2 habanero’s! I honestly don’t even mess with the habanero’s. I roast 3 jalapeƱos and add them one at a time, and it is plenty spicy for me. It is slightly sweet slightly spicy, delicious!

Cooked Apples and Pears

This weeks box had so many apples and pears in it! Neither Kyle or I are big fruit eaters, so it is up to Asher to go through these. He is not a big fan of raw apples or pears though. So I usually just peel and chop up a big batch and cook them. Then I put these glass baby food jars in the freezer. I’ll pull a couple out at a time and they are great for a quick snack, added to pancake batter or just as part of his lunch.

I hope you enjoy these snack ideas! If you do please like, share, and enjoy!

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