3/28 Meal Plan

This weeks meal plan was so delicious I can barely stand it! I hope you enjoy the meals I’ve pick out and try them for yourself. This week Asher decided he was not all that interested in eating dinner. He is nearing two years old and toddlerhood is in full effect! It is totally normal for a toddler to love a food one day and reject it the next. As a parent this can be extremely frustrating, but the most important thing to remember is to stay calm. Your child will read your energy and throw it back at you ten fold. If you can make dinner fun you are more likely to have success on those tough days. I will share some of the techniques I used to try to encourage him to eat dinner, but if you are struggling on a regular basis with meals I encourage you to follow Feeding Littles on Instagram. They share so much great advice around feeding kids, you will find the link bellow!


Just a quick recap of what the meal plan includes…. 1 grown up meal prepped lunch, 3 dinners, intended to have leftovers every other night, and the last night of the week we either have extra leftovers, takeout, or a family dinner. Also important to note, I am only cooking for a family of 3 so you may need to make more for a larger family. I hope you enjoy!

Whats on the menu….

  • Mediterranean lunch prep
  • Sheet pan chicken gnocchi
  • Mediterranean black bean burger
  • Fish taco bowl
  • Fudge brownies for 2

Grocery list…..

Here is this weeks grocery list. I formatted it a little different this week, separating the groceries by meal and department. You likely won’t need everything on these lists as many of the items are pantry staples. Let me know what you think of this different format!

Mediterranean Lunch Prep


10 Lunches

This recipe is so yummy I looked forward to lunch every day! It has a lot of elements but all totally worth it. It called for couscous but they did not have any at the store so I used quinoa. The recipe above makes 5 lunches, I only doubled the quinoa and the dressing to stretch it to 10. The quantity of the other ingredients was more than enough for 10 lunches. I will list the quantities of the doubled ingredients bellow. This recipe also called for za’atar seasoning which can sometimes be hard to find. I’ll list a substitute bellow as well.

  • 2 cups quinoa/couscous – cooked according to package instructions using water or broth
  • 2 bunches mint
  • 2 bunches parsley
  • 6 garlic cloves
  • 4 lemons
  • 1/2 cup olive oil

Za’atar Substitute

Mix together equal quantities of:

  1. Thyme
  2. Oregano
  3. Lemon Zest

Sheet Pan Chicken and Gnocchi


4 Adult dinners, 2 toddler dinners

This dinner was my personal favorite of the week! It was PACKED with veggies and took maybe 15 minutes to put together. I was super skeptical because you put the uncooked gnocchi onto the sheet pan and they cook in the oven with everything else! It was like magic I was so impressed.

This was the first meal Asher had trouble with this week. It had a bunch of unfamiliar looking foods in it and he was not having it! The first night he only ate the gnocchi and tossed everything else. The second night I decided to add peas to his. Peas are a “safe” food for Asher. If he can see them in there he is more likely to try it. I also put the gnocchi on the top of his bowl and cut back a bit on the unfamiliar ingredients, like the tomatoes, zucchini, and asparagus. Ultimately this worked and he ate his whole bowl! Zucchini and all.

Mediterranean Black Bean Burgers


4 adult meals, 2 toddler meals

These were hands down the best black bean burgers I have EVER made! 100% will be making them again. We served them with some sweet potato fries and a pre-packaged salad. We usually don’t eat burgers with a bun to cut back on carbs, but they would be yummy inside one! Also If you wanted to skip roasting the peppers and onions, you can buy a jar of roasted red peppers. Cooking the sweet potatoes fries is super easy. Just cut them up and coat them in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Either throw them in your air fryer, or roast them in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Give a stir half way through.

This picture is from the second night we had this dinner. The first night we plated his dinner in a plate that has 3 sections, he threw all of the burger and only ate his sweet potatoes. The second night I decided to make his a “burger bowl”, you’ll see those “safe” peas on the bottom. Ultimately this trick didn’t work, after a handful of peas went flying across the room. I shifted strategies and started placing different elements of his dinner around his placemat, which has different shapes and things on it. Asked him to put his peas on the circle, the sweet potatoes in the triangle etc. Taking the pressure off and letting him play with the food led to him eventually eating it.

Fish Taco Bowls


4 Adult dinners, 2 toddler dinners

This recipe has a lot of elements, but none are complicated and it is easy to put together. Also lets talk about a flavor punch! This meal is crave-able it is so delicious. The recipe on the website is for 2 servings but it has one of those buttons to scale up the recipe 2X or 3X. I made everything except the guacamole. I also prefer to use salmon rather than cod or tilapia. Asher had gotten over his dinner aversion by the time we hit this meal, and shoveled it into his mouth as quickly as possible.

Fudge Brownies for 2


Time for a super indulgent treat! I don’t make sweets very often, but this week I just had a craving for brownies! If you craving something sweet but don’t want to have a tray full of brownies tempting you for the next week this is the way to go! This recipe makes 2 brownies! Thats right only 2! The perfect treat to make after the kids have gone to bed and there will be no evidence of treats in the morning. I added a 1/4 cup of chocolate chips, and it was worth it! When treating yourself why not really go for it.

I hope you enjoy this weeks meals, I would love to hear about it if you try them out! Please eat, share, and love!

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