Toddler Activities That Take Less Than 5 Minutes to Set Up

As a busy mom I look for activities that are super easy to set up, have zero mess, and will keep my toddler busy. Here are five activities that take less than five minutes to set up! If you enjoy these please play, love and share!

Pom-Pom Push

This activity is so simple, but takes the foresight to hold on the egg carton. Simply poke some holes in the back of the carton and pick out some pom-pom’s that fit through the holes. I have also seen this done with Q-tips. 

Warning: If your toddler puts everything in their mouth like mine does, keep an eye on the pom-poms as they are a choking hazard. 

Toy Rescue

This activity can be done with any small toys (action figures, bath toys, plastic animals animals) . I used cars because Asher is a car lover. I placed them on a fabric cutting mat, but they could easily go onto the floor or table. Simply tape them down and let your child at it! Great for fine motor practice.

Toilet Paper Stack

An activity to use your toilet paper hoard! Asher knew just what to do when I pulled these out. He immediately started stacking and knocking them over. Such fun!

Ball Spider Web

Make a web out of tape, I used painters tape but you could use packing or masking. I put the web between our kitchen island and other countertops, but you could easily do this in a doorway. Stick balls, pom-poms, or whatever else you want to it! I also brought out our laundry basket so Asher could put the balls in after he pulled them down.

Tape Pull

Similar to the toy rescue, I taped down popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners to Asher’s high chair tray. This was the perfect activity to keep him busy while I cooked dinner! 

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